AJ FILOPOULOS is a self-taught artist whose subjects possess a distinctive, doe-eyed style.  In 2016, after spending 15 years as a full-time web designer, she decided to leave her corporate career behind and instead focus on creating art in her home studio.

AJ is no one-trick pony – she loves getting messy with traditional mediums (watercolour, acrylic, ink) as well as working digitally to create illustrations.  She is also an occasional blogger, mother, and self-professed “boho-hippie-mermaid”. She has some crazy dreams that include buying a ramshackle farm to rescue all the animals, learning pottery through osmosis, and eating her weight in cupcakes.

​AJ currently resides in Toronto, Canada with her husband, three sons, Australian shepherd, Pacific parrotlet, and what seems to be an unlimited supply of uninvited spiders.  You can find her on FacebookInstagram, or – if it’s warm – at the beach with her dog.


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